COVID-19 Update from our CEOs

Residential Healthcare Group has been diligently working to meet the needs of our employees, patients and their families, and community during these unprecedented times as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are actively monitoring and adopting CDC and CMS policy...

Choose the Best Path for Your Healthcare Journey

Choose the Best Path for Your Healthcare Journey The best time to make healthcare decisions is before a medical emergency happens. When someone you love has a chronic illness, you want answers. What options for care are there? What can you expect?...

Residential Home Health and Residential Hospice awarded Detroit Top Workplaces in 2019

Residential Home Health and Residential Hospice has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2019 honor by The Detroit Free Press for the ninth consecutive year.

‘Palliative Care’ — The Patient’s Magic Word

When adults teach children about manners, they might remind them to say ‘please’ by prompting, ‘What’s the magic word?’ This is our introduction to ‘please’ — as the gateway to getting anything we want, whenever we want it. But by the time…

Complete Fall Prevention Includes Preparing For Fall Incidences

How do you safeguard yourself against a fire? Chances are, you have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home, and follow safe practices when using heat and flame. But you probably also have an insurance policy, just in case something happens….

This One-Dish Meal Pairs Diabetes Management with Rustic Flavor

Featured Recipe Healthy eating has its foundations in moderation and balance: not too much of this, equal amounts of those. Managing some diseases effectively means being extra vigilant about certain calorie types or nutrients, such as carbohydrate consumption (diabetes) or sodium intake…

Aging in Place — DIY Shower Safety

For aging adults who live independently, adjusting their home environment for reasons of safety or accessibility can feel like an admission of defeat. However, putting off such improvements exposes aging individuals to greater risk of even more serious injuries — the kind…

More therapists turning to Wii Golf

Seniors who find that it’s difficult to move around may employ a home health care provider in order to help with day-to-day activities. Now, it seems as though a popular video game could also assist in movement.