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More therapists turning to Wii Golf

Seniors who find that it’s difficult to move around may employ a home health care provider in order to help with day-to-day activities. Now, it seems as though a popular video game could also assist in movement.

Diabetes Management When You’re Under the Weather

Living with diabetes can be challenging on its own, but when you’re sick, management can become even more difficult.  Illness can cause your blood sugar levels to shift, and it can become harder to determine when your sugar levels are off due…

Health News Round-Up: Combating Cancer from a New Research Angle

Cancer Research Suggests a New Genetic Frontier in Treatment Previously, treating a patient’s cancer meant treating the type of cancer: breast, prostate, skin, etc. Some types call for specialized surgeries, others for specifically developed medications, others for finely tuned chemotherapy or radiation…

Researchers suggest cognitive training to reduce surgery complications

When a senior undergoes coronary bypass surgery, he or she may have a lengthy recovery process ahead. Home health care workers can help with this, and there are also exercises to improve some of the side effects of the surgery.

Nutrition as we Age: Making the Most of our Daily Eating Routine

Everybody is required to eat food and drink liquids each day starting when we are born until the day we take our last breath. The nutrients found in our daily intake is essential to living, and it becomes increasingly important we age.

Researchers signal hope for joint replacement materials

Seniors who need a joint replacement may find that it’s more difficult to get around their homes. While home health care workers can help with a day-to-day routine, the medical community is hoping to make the process easier with new innovations.

New research could give hope to Alzheimer’s care

Alzheimer’s disease can be trying for patients, as they struggle to remember their own lives, family and friends. While Alzheimer’s care can help with the transition, there is still no potential cure for the disease.

Research provides insight into muscle loss with aging

As we get older, it can become more difficult to use one’s muscles. This is where home therapy can come into play, as seniors can work with professionals in order to move with less effort.

Study shows possible Alzheimer’s treatment involving an enzyme

Researchers around the world have been working tirelessly to create a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, which currently cannot be cured or even delayed.

Prescription costs for Medicare recipients down

Seniors who are on Medicare may have found that their prescription costs have dwindled in recent years.