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Education and Support Help to Restore Confidence and Independence

Does this sound familiar? As a devoted daughter, primary caregiver for your parents, working woman, mother, wife… you may wear many hats in life. While you often feel that there are never enough hours in the day, you somehow manage to find the energy…

Researchers signal hope for joint replacement materials

Seniors who need a joint replacement may find that it’s more difficult to get around their homes. While home health care workers can help with a day-to-day routine, the medical community is hoping to make the process easier with new innovations.

Faster Joint Replacement Recovery — Setting Yourself Up for Success

There’s no way around it: recovering from joint replacement surgery is hard work. At least as much as other procedures, the speed and success of your recovery can depend on the effort you put in and the tools and experts you draw…

Research explores popularity, cost of total knee replacement surgery

When it comes to elder care, many people in their old age have difficulty moving around. However, the medical community has developed surgical treatment methods that could assist in one’s mobility, and it appears to be increasing in popularity.

Health News Round-Up: An ‘Ounce of Preemption’ Before Treatment

Preparing for Surgery or Treatment with ‘Prehab’ Patients who undergo surgeries, or other aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, are often guided in rehabilitation exercises afterward to build back lost strength and endurance. However, some specialists have begun to explore the…

Patient Advocacy in Action: Clinical Support with Lifesaving Results

Residential in the Real World Disease, surgery, and recovery can come with high stakes and uncertainty, sometimes more than can be appreciated in the fast-moving, high-volume world of health care. A patient’s question may be channeled to a physician and the response…