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Residential’s care team provides in-home nursing and therapy, individualized to meet patients’ needs, as coordinated by their physician. Our commitment to clinical excellence ensures you receive care from compassionate nurses and therapists with the most advanced and expert skills and training, keeping you out of the hospital and safe at home.

In-Home Health Care Services

  • In-Home Nursing — helping patients become more independent, follow doctor’s recommendations and medication instructions, and ensure a safe recovery environment, while coordinating care among doctors, hospitals, home care team members, and patients and their families.
  • In-Home Physical Therapy — helping patients build strength and balance so they can become safer and more self-sufficient at home.
  • In-Home Occupational Therapy — helping patients perform their daily activities more safely and independently though strategies and adaptations that improve daily living.
  • In-Home Speech Therapy — assisting patients with motor speech disorders, swallowing difficulty, loss of language ability, and cognitive and memory conditions.

Residential nurses are available 24/7. Call (888) 808-5514 to discuss your specific situation with a Residential nurse now.

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