Opportunities in Hospice Care

Our team of hospice care experts is extraordinary, providing superior care supporting patients’ unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Each of these dedicated hospice experts plays a vital role in the education and care of chronically ill people and their families:

Registered Nurses

Hospice Registered nurses are the backbone of the hospice care team. They oversee the direction and coordination of a patient’s care as well as that of the caregivers and family, working closely with the rest of the hospice care team before, during and after the patient’s death.

Massage, Aroma, Music and Pet Therapists

These certified professionals bring much needed comfort, relief and stress reduction to hospice patients through innovative initiatives and therapies that treat and soothe patients’ minds, bodies and spirits.

On-staff Physicians

Board-certified in palliative and hospice care, our hospice physicians are always on hand to oversee clinical aspects of care. They make home visits (as needed) and serve as consultants for our interdisciplinary teams.

After-Hours Team

Instead of being part time or substitutes, our dedicated afterhours team is on call and at the ready, ensuring that there is never a gap in the care our patients receive, including at night, on weekends and during holidays.

Nurse Practitioners

Palliative-certified nurse practitioners share their passion and mission for providing excellent care to patients and caregivers by providing treatments that help ease symptoms such as pain and anxiety as well as helping clarify the patients’ goals of care and end-of-life needs.


In collaboration with the care team, hospice and palliative care pharmacists ensure medication orders are appropriate, on time and taken per instructions.

Certified Nursing Assistants

These compassionate professionals help patients with tasks of daily living such as bathing and dressing. They also serve as another set of eyes for the care team, documenting and reporting observations of patient emotional and physical states to optimize patient care.

Bereavement Support Specialists

Bereavement support specialists provide a wealth of much-needed assistance and resources to assist loved ones in coping with loss, including support groups, phone calls, coordination of group memorial services, and programs and resources.

Spiritual Care Counselors

Caring, knowledgeable, non-denominational counselors provide spiritual assistance in any form the meets the needs of the patient and loved ones. They also serve as valuable liaisons with other spiritual resources and professionals in the community.


Residential Hospice volunteers are true heroes, typically motivated by their own hospice experiences to provide companionship, respite support, bereavement assistance and creative expression projects that brighten the lives of our patients.

Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers bring a wealth of resources to hospice patients and their loved ones and caregivers by connecting them with community resources, educating about options and helping clear barriers to productive, meaningful communication.